Sabtu, 28 Januari 2017

Cosmos Laundromat Film animasi pendek yang mengandung banyak pesan moral


Cosmos Laundromat (codenamed “Project Gooseberry”) is a 10-minute short film, a funny and absurdist 3D-animated story targeted at audiences aged 13 and older. With a planned release date of August 2015, this short will serve as the pilot of a feature film project, which would be the world’s first free/open source animated feature-film production.

The Plot

On a desolate island, a suicidal sheep named Franck meets his fate…in the form of a quirky salesman named Victor, who offers him the gift of a lifetime. The gift is many lifetimes, actually, in many different worlds – each lasting just a few minutes. In the sequel to the pilot, Franck will find a new reason to live…in the form of a bewitching female adventurer named Tara, who awakens his long-lost lust for life. But can Franck keep up with her?


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